Spring That Spans the World: UK Spring Makeup Looks 2020

Every year, new seasonal collections for THE SKINCARE MAKEUP are interpreted in a variety of ways around the world. As a Global Educator, I’m always excited to see how our international partners will find new and unique ways to utilize our products. From our Japanese makeup artists who like to mix Dream Tint and Liquid […]

Can You Eat Dairy Products if you have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome?

Polycystic ovarian disease or polycystic ovarian syndrome is a hormonal disorder that is quite common in women of reproductive age in the urban population. It has become a cause of worry because PCOD, as it is commonly known, comes with a cluster of symptoms – from acne, excessive facial growth, insulin resistance, pre-diabetic condition, and […]

10 Korean Skin Care Products to Add to Your Beauty Regimen

South Korea’s scientifically advanced, adorably packaged, and amazingly affordable cosmetics industry has made the country a must-go destination for beauty enthusiasts the world over. And it’s not stopping here, ladies! Korean beauty is the trend that keeps growing and never stops giving. What’s so intriguing about their products? Their efficacy! It’s no secret that Korean […]

12 Rules To Follow For Healthy Hair

Some of us are born with beautiful and healthy hair and continue having the same throughout our lives while there’s a different category of women who are not blessed with naturally beautiful hair but they can surely work towards attaining the same. Finally, there’s a bunch of unlucky women constitute the third category. The women who […]

Glowing Drugstore Makeup Tutorial For Spring & Summer

Looking for a natural and glowing drugstore makeup tutorial to rock this spring and summer? This makeup tutorial has everything you need to create a beautiful look on a shoestring budget! Drugstore Makeup Tutorial: For a Glowing Spring Look When it’s the spring season, radiant skin is the look you want. While more dramatic looks […]

Romantic Valentine’s Day Looks from our Global Educators

It’s that time of year again, everything is pink and red and you’re eating too much chocolate, or maybe just enough… It’s almost Valentine’s Day and our fabulous Global Educators have crafted three romantic and sultry looks for you to try whether you’re planning a girls night or a romantic evening. The best part? They’re […]

Skincare Routine Transition From Winter To Spring

When the season changes from winter to spring, it’s essential to switch up your skincare routine to address your skincare needs. Read on to learn more! RELATED: 2020 Skincare Trends: 7 Biggest Beauty Innovations To Watch Out For In this article: Opt for Lighter and Milder Cleansers Try a Gentler Exfoliator Go for a Water-Based […]

Protein-Rich Recipes to Eat With our Supplements

Who doesn’t want clear, healthy skin? Our Skincare Supplements help to support your skin from the inside out, but they work best when taken with a protein-rich meal. We were inspired by three protein-rich and delicious meals that you can easily incorporate into your routine to help The Skincare Supplements work their best. Plus, when […]