How to Put Lipstick?

Lipstick is one of the most popular makeup products without which the entire look seems to be incomplete. Be it just another ordinary day or a big day, lipstick is the go-to product any girl would look for. Application of this single product can enhance your entire beauty look. All that you have to do is pick a right shade and ensure applying it right. Not everybody is perfect when it comes to applying lipstick and so in this article, we will be discussing about how put lipstick. Take a look below;

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Step 1: Prep the lips

 I’m sure no one would want to go around with dry and chapped lips so keep your lips moisturized even when you don’t tend to apply lipstick. And if you are all set to apply lipstick then do moisturize your lips using a fine quality lip balm for a healthy soft-looking nourished lip.

Step 2: Put on a Base

Stressed about discolour or uneven liptone? Its very much essential for your lipstick to hold on to a base for a perfect look. Pick a concealer of a shade that goes well with your lip color and dab it evenly in less quantity using a flat brush over the lips. Apply compact over it to seal the concealer base. This would also make your lip color last longer.

Step 3: Use a lip liner

Usage of lip liner is the best way to define as well as for re-shaping of lips and also avoids the lipstick from getting clumsy. Create an ‘x’ shape below the cupid’s bow, to make the cupid’s bow prominent which would eventually make your lips attractive.

Step 4: Apply lipstick

Choose the shade, take some of it over a lipstick brush and start applying it evenly over the lips. The inner corners shouldn’t be missed, ensure applying lipstick within the lined lips. For those with dry lips, avoid using matte lipsticks as it tends to make lips look drier.

Step 5: Add on Definition

work on the edges of your lips by using a tiny concealer brush that would correct the shape of your lips if needed. Also, you can add on a lip gloss for a glossy finish to your lips.

Hope now your question on how put lipstick has been answered. The above-mentioned article would help you flaunt your lips beautifully. To know more about make and makeup products, stay connected to us. Thank you for reading.

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